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About Our Child Care Center in Renton, WA


Our Philosophy

Our Center offers several programs that accommodate children from the age of 4 weeks to 12 years. Placement in a particular program is based not only on age, but also on a child's physical, social and intellectual maturity. We believe that children learn best by exposure and hands on experiences. We address each child's ability and goal set for the next developmental stage, both physically and cognitively. We believe that within the center we offer a variety of emotionally nurturing environments. We believe that parents are the child's first teacher and work within that bond to build a relationship of respect and trust. We believe in educating the whole child, physically, emotionally and mentally. We view our center as an extension of home and community and have an open door policy.
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What a day at FCLC looks like

We are open from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM and families are welcome to contract for up to 10 hours during these times. We serve breakfast, hot lunch, 2:00 PM snack and a 5:00 PM snack, all included in tuition. We are proud to offer lower then Washington State required rations in many of our classrooms. Allowing your child much more one on one time with our well qualified teachers.
We have a wide variety of learning opportunities for the children we serve.
Infants are kept in the same room all day. We have every infant on the schedule that works best for them and the family. We encourage and ensure every ... Read more
Waddlers enjoy exploring their environment and are working on walking and talking skills. They start to play with 1 or 2 more children for short periods of time.
For Toddlers, we use a lot of verbal communications to further their vocabulary with songs and stories. We start toilet training in this room based on interest.
For Explorers, we work on social skills, sign language and introduction to letters and sounds. We work on empathy and how we make an impact on other people.
For Conquerors, we work on pre-academics such as literacy, math and science. We incorporate physical and cognitive development. Nurturing the ... Read more
For Navigators & Discoverers , we use small group experiences to create individual and visual perception, math concepts and motor ... Read more
For Adventurers, we provide a full day program and a learning environment that gives our children the necessary skills to enter first grade. The program incorporates the 40 developmental assets and the EALR's that the school district follows for ... Read more
School age has multiple programs. One, when school is in session and another when school is on breaks. During the school year children get homework time help and group time. During summer our time is spent exploring the arts and community.
As children grow, we believe a typical schedule aids in the confidence and assurance that they have control and can count on what will happen next. Our teachers are very experienced and well trained. All Staff are kept up to date on current teaching methods and use their talent and expertise to design, adapt and invent learning centers that best serve the children in the room.
Schools we transport to and from:
  • Cascade Elementary
  • Benson Hill Elementary
  • Renton Park Elementary
  • Talbot Hill Elementary
  • Meadow Crest Early Learning Center
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Feel free to contact any members of our staff:

Garnet Kutterer
Michele Duncan
Assistant Director
Trina Humphries
Business Manager